We don’t want delays

  • We are a boutique service with low patient volumes by intent
  • We have a high staff to patient ratio
  • Our customised machine technology means no need to arrive hours early for pre-medication
  • We guarantee prompt report turnaround times
  • Direct doctor to doctor phone line for regular referrers


CT doses have plummeted. They can go further.

  • CT scanners cost between approximately $200, 000 and $2.0 million. Most scans are done on the cheaper machines, with less advanced hardware and software. The more expensive the machine, the better it gets for your patient – there is no way around this.
  • There are only a few top-tier machines in W.A – make sure you seek them out for your patient. It’s worth their effort to travel to one.
  • Our full suite of the most advanced hardware and software permits chest CT (for most indications) at a radiation dose equivalent to a PA and lateral Chest X-ray. The science shows this.


Enjoy your morning coffee.

  • Our machine is purpose-built for cardiac imaging with a shutter speed twice as fast as the next best machine. As such, there is no need for pre-appointment betablockers, anxiolytics or caffeine restriction.
  • In-and-out appointments, with no need for 1 to 2 hours in the clinic waiting for pre-scan medications to take effect.
  • Self check-in facilities akin to a domestic airlines flight. Simple and effective.


There is more to affordability than bulk-billing.

  • Less false positive results means less downstream costs
  • Highly competitive pricing and top tier technology – the sweet spot.
  • Free lung nodule consultation service for General Practitioners:
    our clinical and scientific experience (including authorship of national CT-imaging guidelines) means nodules are handled accurately and confidently. Follow up scans are usually not warranted, and we will explain why.


Is this even knowable?

  • The leaders? The most experienced? The premium practice? We don’t claim this because it isn’t knowable. Furthermore, there are numerous leading subspecialists in chest and cardiac CT in W.A, each of whom we would gladly recommend.
  • We do however challenge the norm by our consistent use of superior technology and our physical presence at the point-of-care for every patient. Our 100% radiologist-owned model means we decide when and how much to invest in technology.
  • Our achievements include the introduction of CT coronary angiography, general cardiac CT and cardiac MRI to W.A, significant contributions to the science of chest and cardiac imaging, and the long-term provision of these services including for childhood and adult complex congenital heart disease.
  • We continually improve by maintaining our public hospital appointments and our on-going meaningful interactions with the scientific community.
  • Better? Yes, we are driven to better ourselves. And we believe that while competition can bring the worst out in individuals it usually brings the best out of practices. So, we ask you to support us in disrupting the norm and help drive cardiac and chest imaging in W.A forwards. We are starting with a commitment to being Faster, Safer, Simpler and Cheaper.