Payment of your bill is required on the day of attendance. We will advise you of the fee for your scan or procedure when you book.

The simplest way to settle your account is for you to pay the full amount with a card or cash at the clinic and we will send an electronic message to Medicare to automatically deposit any rebate to your bank account – this deposit usually arrives within 48 hours.

The Medicare rebate is sometimes less than the reasonable cost of providing our service, particularly because our machine is one of only a few highly advanced machines in W.A and we only employ leading specialist doctors who have each trained at centres of international excellence for extra years in addition to the usual requirements for specialisation in Australia. For this reason, there is often a “gap” payment to be paid. The gap payment is the difference between our fee and the Medicare rebate.  Please note, for a Calcium Score CT there is no Medicare rebate. We bulk-bill pensioners and healthcare card holders for most Medicare-rebated scans.

We believe that ultimately, a scan is only as good as the quality of the machine and, more importantly, the interpretation of the doctor reading it. Inaccurate results are often more expensive for patients in the long-run.

Veteran Affairs Card Holders

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) covers the cost of most scans for Gold DVA cardholders.  If you are a DVA cardholder please contact the DVA to find out your coverage prior to your scan.

Private Health Fund Coverage

Health funds cover radiology services for hospital inpatients only. Therefore, unless you are an inpatient temporarily transferred to ChestRad, your health fund will not cover your scan.

Workers Compensations

For Workcover claimants, ChestRad will invoice your agent directly with the relevant claim and approval number. We will require the details of your insurance company, employer and claim details at the time of your appointment. Please note if an invoice is rejected you will be responsible for immediate payment. If you are unsure if your scan will be covered, please contact your employer or agent to find out prior to your appointment.