Why Choose ChestRad

Our team of uniquely experienced chest and cardiac imaging specialists and scientists use CT scanner technology that is mostly unavailable elsewhere. This enables us to diagnose chest disease accurately at the radiation dose of a standard chest X-ray series and produce superior quality coronary angiograms with fewer false positive results and therefore less costs.

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We guarantee to always

  • Produce precise, well-informed reports in order to minimise unnecessary follow up scans or procedures.
  • Scrutinise referrals before scanning your patients to confirm appropriateness and individualise radiation doses.
  • Speak to you directly when we discover important incidental findings. We understand you are inundated with results and we will ensure that you hear the ones you need to.
  • Maintain our top-tier position in clinical experience, scientific excellence and technology investment.
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Researchers and Students

We are strongly engaged in the local research community with a wealth of fruitful collaborations. We have a particular interest in the utility of low dose CT for a range of diseases. We are always interested in new collaborations. We are available and interested in teaching and mentoring students, an experience we benefit from as much as our students. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the possibility of training or working together.

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Should I be screened for lung cancer with CT?

Presently, ChestRad (in accordance with the recommendations of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand) does not recommend lung cancer screening for all but a select number of patients. We advise you to ignore the broad advertisements for this service and instead seek guidance from your GP.

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