Our Purpose

We are a group of radiologists, cardiologists, radiographers and scientists devoted to Chest and Cardiac imaging. Our doctors and scientists have each furthered our education in years-long fellowships at international centres of excellence. With our research partners we have published hundreds of scientific articles in our specialty, including within the world’s most important journals.

Meet the Team

A focus of our practice is to minimise harm and downstream costs to patients. To this end we provide reports that are highly specific, based on our understanding (and in cases, authorship) of authoritative guidelines on the appropriate use and interpretation of CT.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement by peer review, both in-house and through our appointments at the major teaching hospitals. We each have long-standing commitments to medical education.


We will only deploy the most expensive CT machinery which, naturally, provides the highest image quality (and therefore lowest radiation doses). And while we pay more for this equipment, patients won’t    we will be affordable to the entire community.

With this attitude, and our investments, we are purposed to provide a highly cost-effective service to patients.